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Alice Stone Blackwell


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Bedros Tourian | Michael Nalbandian | Abp. Khorène Nar Bey De Lusignan
Mugurditch Beshiktashlian | Raphael Patkanian | Leo Alishan | St. Gregory of Narek
Nerses the Graceful | Saïat Nova | Djivan | Raffi | Koutcharian | Terzyan | Totochian
Damadian | Atom Yarjanian (Siamanto) | Daniel Varoujan | Archag Tchobanian
Hovhannes Toumanian | Hovhannes Hovhannessian | Zabel Assatour (Madame Sybil)
Mugurditch Chrimian Hairig | M. Portoukalian | Mihran Damadian
Arshag D. Mahdesian | Nahabed Koutchak | Shoushanig Khourghinian
Avedik Issahakian | Avedis Aharonian | Karekin Servantzdiantz | Bedros Adamian
Tigrane Yergate | Khorène M. Antreassian | Djivan | Miscellaneous songs and poems

APPENDIX: The Armenian Women | The Armenian Church
Bibliography | Comments on the first edition of "Armenian Poems"


TWO considerations led to the publication of this book. The first was the belief that the sympathy felt for the Armenians in their unspeakable sufferings at the hands of the Turks would be deepened by an acquaintance with the temper and genius of the people, as shown in their poetry.

The second was the fact that Armenian poetic literature, while well worthy to be known, was practically inaccessible to English-speaking readers. Its treasures are locked up in an almost unknown language.

Each of these translations, in verse has been made from a literal translation in prose, furnished to me in English or French by my Armenian friends. Among those who rendered this help were the late Mr. Ohannes Chatschumian of Leipzig University, Professor Minas Tchéraz of King’s College, London, editor of “L’Arménie;” the late Kevork Tourian, the martyred Bishop of Trebizond: Archag Tchobanian, Garabed H. Papazian, Haroutune Asian, Arsen Diran, Avedis B. Selian, Sahag Chuchian, Aram Torossian, Karekin Manoukian, O. H. Ateshian, Arshag D. Mahdesian, editor of “The New Armenia,” Bedros A. Keljik and D. K. Varzhabedian.

The poems that make up the first part of this volume were published by Roberts Brothers in 1896. They were well received, as the press comment in the Appendix will show. The book has been long out of print. This new and enlarged edition has been privately printed in order that the entire proceeds might go to the relief fund.


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