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WHEN my glance wanders to the far-off deeps,
Beauteous and infinite, of the blue skies,
Behind transparent cloud-veils, fold on fold,—
Then I recall your melancholy eyes.

When from the delicate light clouds descends
The fresh, cool dew of morning, and appears,
Like a bright veil, upon the red-cheeked rose,
I think of your deep eyes, those lakes of tears.

When the fair rainbow with its splendid hues
Has in its arch the height of heaven embraced,
I wish I were its owner and its lord,
That I might gird with it your dainty waist.

When the stars, bright and dazzling, glow like fire,
And with their gems the midnight heaven deck,
My heart’s pangs are more numerous than they,
That they should not adorn your breast and neck.

My tender love, my sweetheart fair to see,
Now parted from my arms forevermore,
She is my hapless fair Armenia,
Whom I have loved, and ever shall adore.


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Source: Blackwell, Alice Stone. Armenian Poems, Rendered into English Verse. Boston, MA: Atlantic Printing Company, 1917
Provided by: Aram Arkun, Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center
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