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Authors in Electronic Library:

Abovyan Khachatur (in Russian)
Abrahamyan Rafik (in Russian)
Abramyants Amayak (also in Russian)
Adonts Nikoghayos (in Russian)
Aivazyan Aghasi (in Russian)
Aivazyan Argam (in Armenian)
Akcam Taner (in Russian)
Alajajyan Stepan (in Russian)
Alishan Ghevond (in Armenian)
Arazi Movses (in Russian)
Arustamyan Veniamin (in Russian)
Avagyan Abig (in Russian)
Avagyan Eduard (in Russian)
Avetisyan Kamsar (in Armenian)
Ayvazyan Armen (also in Armenian)

Babajanyan Mehruzhan (in Armenian)
Bagrationi Vakhushti (in Russian)
Bakunts Aksel (in Russian)
Balayan Zori (in Russian)
Barseghov Yuri (in Russian)
Barton, Clara
Blackwell, Alice Stone (also in Russian)
Bliss, Edwin Munsell
Bolshakov Leonid (in Russian)
Bryce, James
Bryusov Valery (in Russian)

Charents Yeghishe (in Russian)
Chopanian Archag (also in Armenian)

Dashtents, Khachik (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Davrizhetsi, Arakel (in Russian)
Demirchyan, Derenik (in Russian)
Demoyan Hayk (in Russian)
Draskhanakertsi, Hovannes (in Russian)
Duryan, Petros (also in Russian)

Galshoyan Mushegh (in Russian)
Gandzaketsi Kirakos (in Russian)
Ghantarjyan Sargis (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Ghukasyan Hovhannes (in Russian)
Gibbons Helen Davenport
Goryukhina Elvira (in Russian)
Goyan George (in Russian)
Grigor Tatevatsi (in Russian)
Grigoryan Grigor (in Russian)
Grigoryan Vahagn (in Russian)
Grigoryan Vardan (in Russian)
Gurunts, Leonid (in Russian)

Hakobyan Tadevos (in Armenian)
Harbord, James G., Major General
Harris, Helen B.
Harris, Rendel J.
Harutyunyan Sargis (in Armenian)
Harutyunyan Varazdat (in Russian)
Hovhanessian, Hovhannes (also in Armenian)
Hovsepyan Ruben (in Russian)

Isahakyan, Avetik (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Israelyan, Vrezh (in Russian)

Jivani (in Armenian)

Kanakertsi, Zakaria (in Russian)
Khalaphyan Zorayr (in Russian)
Khanzadyan Sero (also in Russian)
Khechoyan Levon (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Khrimyan Hayrik (also in Armenian)
Kirakossian Arman (in Armenian)
Kirakosyan John (in Russian)
Koryun (also available in Russian)
Krivopuskov Victor (in Russian)
Kubatyan Georgi (in Russian)

Lambert, Rose
Lekhatsi Simeon (in Russian)

Mahari, Gurgen (in Russian)
Mamikonyan Hovhan (in Armenian)
Matevosyan Hrant (in Russian)
Metsarents Misak (in Russian)
Mikaelian Christopher (in Armenian | in Russian)
Mirijanyan Levon (in Russian)
Melik-Shakhnazaryan Levon (in Russian)

Nalbandyan, Mikael (also in Armenian)
Nansen, Fridtjof (also in Russian)
Narekatsi, Grigor (also in Armenian)

Osepyan, Levon (in Russian)

Patkanyan, Raphael (in Armenian)
Petrosyan, Eznik (in Russian)
Petrosyan, Vardges (in Russian)
Poghosyan, Vahe (in Russian)
Potto, Vasily (in Russian)

Quchak, Nahapet (in Armenian)

Raffi (also in Armenian | in Russian)

Sagratyan Ashot (in Russian)
Sahakyan Yuri (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Sahyan Hamo (in Armenian)
Sargsyan Sargis (in Armenian)
Saroyan William (also in Russian)
Sayat-Nova (in Armenian | in Russian)
Sevak Ruben (in Russian)
Shekhtman, Pavel (in Russian)
Shiraz, Hovhannes (in Russian)
Shirvanzade (in Russian)
Shnorhali, Nerses (in Armenian)
Siamanto (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Sipil (also in Armenian)
Siradeghyan, Vano (in Russian)
Smirnov, Roman (in Russian)
Stuermer, Harry
Stupishin, Vladimir (also in Russian)
Suqiasyan, Alexey (in Russian)

Teqeyan, Vahan (in Russian)
Teryan, Vahan (in Armenian | in Russian)
Tonoyan, Kamari (in Russian)
Tumanyan, Hovhaness (also in Armenian | in Russian)

Varujan, Daniel (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Villari, Luigi

Wegner Armin (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Werfel Franz (in Russian)

Yakobson Anatoly (in Russian)
Yengibarov, Leonid (in Russian)
Yesayan Zabel

Zolyan, Suren (in Russian)
Zoryan, Stepan (in Russian)
Zulalyan Manvel (in Armenian)

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Arev — Armenian Folk-tales (in Armenian)
On interpreting the historical and cultural problems of Caucasian Albania and Eastern Provinces of Armenia (in Armenian)
Sasuntsi David (David of Sasoun) (in Armenian)
The Last Days of the First Armenian Republic — diary of an unknown author (in Armenian)
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