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Hovhannes Tumanyan



Writers are destined to play a role in the history of their nation’s literature. It is the rare few who play a special role, also, in their nation’s spiritual life. Hovhannes Tumanyan has played such a role in Armenian literature. He has portrayed the Armenian people’s national character, their history, their dreams, and their most sacred ideals with depth and clarity through his writings. He was called the “pan-Armenian poet” during his lifetime and until today his popularity still remains great. His works are loved not only in Armenia, but also far from its borders. In every place where Armenians live, his words emit the aroma of his homeland.



People in grief translated by Ara Hakopyan (also in Russian | in Armenian )

H. Toumanyan’s letter to Avetik Isahakyan in Venice
translated by Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan (also in Russian)


Translations by Alice Stone Blackwell

1 When Some Day
2. Before a Painting by Ayvasovky
3. In the Cottage

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