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James Bryce


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With the Compliments of Lord Brice

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THIS volume has been made, as far as possible, an exhaustive collection of evidence. It therefore necessarily contains much that is only of slight interest to the ordinary reader, and many of the documents are duplicate accounts, from independent sources, of identical events, which, while of the highest value from the evidential point of view, are superfluous to those who wish merely to form a general idea of what occurred.

It has therefore seemed advisable, in the reader's interest, to single out forty or fifty of the most important documents (about one in three of the whole series), and direct his attention, in the first place, to these. They are detailed, with an indica¬tion of their contents, in the following list :—

Doc. 9. Letter conveyed out of Turkey in the sole of a refugee's shoe.

„ 12. News in German missionary journals suppressed by the German Censor.

„ 15. Siege of Van : an American lady who went through it.

„ 18. Van: a German Missionary's letter.

„ 22. Sassoun : the last stand of the Armenian mountaineers.

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Doc. 23. The massacres at Moush : a German eye-witness.

,, 24. Moush : a victim of the massacres.

„ 31. How the missionaries saved 17,000 refugees at Urmia : a diary.

„ 40. How the Nestorian Patriarch fought for his people : letter from his sister.

„ 43. The flight from Urmia : story of a pastor's wife.

„ 47. Scenes on the refugees' road.

„ 53. Erzeroum : notes from an American who stayed there till the Russians came in.

„ 59. Baibourt : the horrors of deportation, described by an exiled lady.

„ 62. Erzindjan : the passing of the exiles, described by two Danish Sisters in the German Red Cross.

„ 64. A Turkish " Government Orphanage " : experiences of another Danish Red Cross Nurse.

„ 65. A town on the exile route.

„ 66. The sufferings of an exile-gang.

„ 69. The fate of a Christian College : report by the College Principal.

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Doc. 72. Trebizond : wholesale drowning at sea.

„ 73. Trebizond : interview with the former Italian Consul-General.

„ 78. Exiles on the march : letter from an American lady who accompanied them.

„ 82. Adventures of an Armenian peasant who defied the deportation decree.

„ 87. " Cleaning out " a town : testimony of a foreign Professor.

„ 88. The same town : narrative of a foreign lady.

„ 89. The rescue of deported school-girls, by the same lady.

„ 96. The butchery at Angora : the same witness.

„ 102. Adapazar : the bastinado in the Church.

„ 104. A railway journey during the deportations, by a foreign doctor.

„ 108. Afiun Kara Hissar : a brave Armenian doctor's wife.

„ 114. On the Baghdad Railway : a lady's diary.

„ 117. The concentration camps : two Swiss ladies.

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Doc. 118. Journey from Smyrna to Damascus and back, by a foreign traveller.

„ 121. Cilicia : emptying the hill villages.

„ 122. Zeitoun : the Protestant Pastor.

„ 123. Zeitounlis in exile : diary of a foreigner in the Plains.

„ 126. What happened to a mountain town : statement by a foreign resident.

„ 130. Jibal Mousa : five villages which held the Turks at bay, and were rescued by the French Fleet.

„ 133. What happened at Ourfa.

„ 137. Births on the road : the fate of the babies and the mothers.

„ 139. Reports from Aleppo.

„ 141. Collecting the dead at Aleppo.

„ 143. Damascus : arrival of the exiles.

„ 144. On the banks of the Euphrates : death by starvation.

„ 145. Der-el-Zor, the exile station in the desert: by a German traveller.

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Source: Viscount Bryce The Treatment of Armenians.London, 1916
Scanned by: Irina Minasyan
OCR: Irina Minasyan
Corrections: Anna Vrtanesyan, Lina Kamalyan

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