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It was, perhaps, largely the tender mother love for her son, Ernest, that moved Mrs. Emma Mason, at almost the last day, to accompany us. The family had lived much abroad in Oriental countries, were familiar with several of the languages, and the young son was engaged by us as linguist.

The mother's object was to reach Italy as a favorite residence. She had just recovered from a severe illness in Washington. In London a severe cough attacked her, which increased as time wore on. After a few days of active life in Constantinople, she was reduced to her bed. The best medical skill of the city, both English and Italian was secured. One disease developed another, until it was needful to remove her to the Italian hospital for closer attention than could be given at home. Some of us were with her every day. She remained cheerful and hopeful till the last and left us on the night of the 24th of March.

Every attention was bestowed by the officers of the Legation and Consulate-General, and it was a little official cortege of sympathizing American hearts that followed the peaceful remains, hidden under the lilies and violets of spring, to the beautiful Italian cemetery where they still repose.

"A sweeter spirit ne'er drew breath,
Than my son's wife Elizabeth."


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