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Clara Barton


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Red Cross Headquarters, Constantinople.
(Ernest Mason.)

Rev. Joseph K. Greene, D. D., Constantinople.

Ceremony of "Salamlic."

The Outer, or Pera Bridge.

Rev. Henry O. Dwight, D. D.

W. W. Peet, Esq.

Sublime Porte, Stamboul.

View from Red Cross Headquarters.

American Bible House in Stamboul.

Manner of Carrying Burdens, etc.
(From Sketches by J. B. Hubbell.)

(Ernest Mason.)

A Turkish Village.
(Ernest Mason.)

Sinnamod, Suburb of Harpoot.
(Ernest Mason.)

A Zaptieh. A Wreck. A Khan. Dr. Hubbell and Guard.
(Ernest Mason.)

Red Cross Expedition passing through the Valley of Catch Beard.
(From Sketch by C. K. Wood.)

Miss Caroline E. Bush.

First Expedition Embarking on Ferryboat.
(Ernest Mason.)

Rev. H. N. Barnum, D. D.

Rev. C. F. Gates, D. D.

Interior of Gregorian Church at Oorfa.
( From Sketch by C. K. Wood.)

Rev. George Washburn, D. D.

Robert College.


Cistern of the Thousand Columns.

Wall Tower, Diarbekir.

Tools, Agricultural Implements, Weapons, etc.
(From Sketches by J. B. Hubbell.)

Red Cross Headquarters, Farkin.
(From Sketch by C. K. Wood.)

Harpoot Ruins.
(Ernest Mason.)

Section of Red Cross Caravan.

Galata Tower,

Old Tower at Oorfa.

A Bit of Palou.
(From Sketch by C. K. Wood.)

Armenian Village of Oulasch.
(Ernest Mason.)

(Ernest Mason.)

(Ernest Mason.)

Kourdish Mountain Village.
(Ernest Mason.)

Turkish Telegram, Original and Translation.

Heading used on Turkish Telegrams.

Distributing Spinning Wheels at Arabkir.
(Ernest Mason.)


Constantinople Dogs.

Section of the Outer Wall.

A Coffee House in Pera.

Group of Hammals.

Section of Turkish Cemetery at Scutari.

A Hammal.

Plane Tree of the Janizaries, Stamboul.

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Source: Clara Barton. America's relief expedition to Asia Minor under the Red Cross. Journal Publishing Company, Meriden, Conn. 1896.

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