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Daniel Varujan


1884 - 1915

From childhood Daniel Varoujan (alternate spelling: Taniel Varuzhan, Daniel Varujan) had endured great hardship and suffering. When he was a boy, his father had been falsely accused and jailed in Istanbul, during the 1896 Turkish massacres of Armenians.

After Varoujan’s schooling in Istanbul he studied in Venice and then at the University of Ghent in Belgium, the largest and oldest in Belgium today.

He taught, first in his native village near Sebastia, then in Istanbul as headmaster of an Armenian school. His first book of poems, The Trembling, appeared in 1906. It was followed by The Heart of a Nation (1909), Pagan Songs (1912), and, after his death in 1915, The Songs of Bread (1921). His work contains some of the most sensual imagery in Armenian literature. He was arrested on April 24, 1915 and was savagely tortured to death...

by Ruth Bedevian


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