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Archag Tchopanian

Archag Tchopanian

Archag Hovhannesi Tchopanian - 1872-1954 (alternate spelling Arshak Tchobanian/ Chopanian) was born in Constantinople. His father made his living as a goldsmith. He was educated in the local Makruhian School and later at the Kedronakan School. He was a poet, playwright, literary critic, journalist and translator.

His began a literary career early, writing and translating for several periodicals: Burastan Mankantz, Arevelik, Masis, Hayrenik. In 1895 he assumed editorship of another periodical, Tsaghik. It was a short-lived position because he fled to Paris that same year to escape persecution by the Turks...



Poems of Archag Tchopanian translated into English by Alice Stone Blackwell

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