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Harry Stuermer (Sturmer) — a German journalist — was the correspondent of Kölnische Zeitung newspaper in Constantinople during the war years of 1915–16.

His book Two War Years in Constantinople was published in 1917 after he had left Turkey and contained information about the genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Empire. Stuermer harshly criticized Turkish authorities as well as German policy towards its Turkish allies. The original German version of the book was published in neutral Switzerland. The German Foreign Office even bought the translation rights trying to block the Stuermer’s text from spreading, however the they did not manage to buy out the English translation rights promptly enough, and the English version was published soon after the German one.

In 2004 revised critical edition of the book was published by Dr. Hilmar Kaiser.


Two War Years in Constantinople.
USA: George H. Doran Company, 1917.

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