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Yuri Sahakyan

Yuri Sahakyan


Yuri Sahakyan, poet and translator, was born in 1937 in the town of Chaylu in Mardakert district of Nagorno Karabakh. He has been a member of Union of Writers of USSR from 1968 to 1991. Yuri Sahakyan is a member of Armenian Writers’ Union.

He lost his parents in early childhood. Served in Soviet Army from 1957 to 1960. In 1966 Yuri Sahakyan graduated from Yerevan State University, department of philology, and in 1967 started working at “Hayreniki Dzayn” (Voice of Fatherland) weekly newspaper as a specialist of literature. Later he studied in Moscow and completed the literary courses of the USSR Union of Writers.

From 1974 to 1975 Yuri Sahakyan was the head of a department in “Hayreniki Dzayn” weekly newspaper. In 1975 he became the chief editor of the "Booklovers" organization. From 1976 till 1993 Yuri Sahakyan worked at “Sovetakan Grokh”, later at “Arevik” publishing houses as a senior editor of children literature department. He also translates from Russian, mainly for children.

Mr. Sahakyan is the winner of the State award of 1999 for the book “Alphabet Guide”.

Yuri Sahakyan's name is also well known to all who love songs. He wrote lyrics for many popular songs such as: "Arpa Sevan" music by Edgar Hovanisyan; "Ayl Acher" music by Eduard Tumanyan; "Sharunakir Jptal" music by Robert Amirkhanyan; "Khutut-Mutut", "Hovik-hovik" music by Tigran Mansuryan; "Chknek Tghaner" music by Gurgen Gabrielyan; "Tsaghratsun ev Tsaghradzun" music by Stepan Babatorosyan; "Erek Lobi" music by Stepan Shakaryan.


  • 3-rd place in the Soviet Union Competition for the best children book for the book “Fisher Bear and Hunter Cat”— collection of nursery poems 1987.
  • Ministry of Defense of RA. Republican Competition for the best “Soldier Song” 1997.
  • “AMADEUS” contest of young performers. First award for the lyrics of the songs written specially for “TATEV” children choir 1998.
  • “Golden Pen” State Literary Award of Armenia — Grand Prize for the book “Alphabet Guide” 1999.
  • “Sayat Nova“ Pan Armenian Song Competition. Diploma for the lyrics of a children song “Ayspisi Yerg” 2000
  • “Sayat Nova” Pan Armenian Song Competition. First Award for the best children song “The Chicken and the Pot” 2001

Source: Yuri Sahakyan's official web site

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