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AS treasurer of the Board under which Miss Rose Lambert has devoted many years to the Armenian people located at Hadjin, Turkey; as one of the first Americans, apart from the missionaries, to visit Hadjin; having personally seen these poor people, so hated by the non-Christians of Turkey, and being personally acquainted with the author, I can but appreciate and commend her zeal both in Turkey and at home, and her moving descriptions of that period of severe trial. Our sister proved herself a hero during the late massacre. The Armenians look to Miss Lambert as a mother and even the Turks think highly of her. This book should prove of the deepest interest, being written by one who was on the ground and in a peculiar position to see and know the terrible details of those days of horror. Read this book and you will remember it. Miss Lambert gave her early womanly years for Armenia regardless of the tax upon her health. She evidently has but one end in view, the arousing of the Church and the

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American public to benevolent activity in behalf of these poor orphans, widows and afflicted. We hope the reader will catch her spirit.

Yours for God and Armenia,
O. B. Snyder.


Source: Rose Lambert. "Hadjin, and the Armenian Massacres"; New York, Chicago, Toronto, London and Edinburgh, Fleming H. Revell Company, 1911
Provided by: Karen Vrtanesyan
Scanned by: Irina Minasyan
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