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Sero Khanzadyan

Sero Khanzadyan

Born in 1915

Sero Khanzadyan, born November 20 (December 3) 1915 to the family of a ploughman at the ‘Roof of Armenia,’ town of Goris, located in the rough mountains of Zangezur, where every bit of fertile ground is taken in a battle against solid rocks and burning sun.

Little Sero’s parents used to tell him “You will learn the value of the land once you grow up.” Many times he had noticed how people, returning from work in the field, would keep the pieces of ground stuck to their clothes and shake it off on a naked rock in front of their houses. “The land is the dearest thing that we have. Without the land there is no nation,” – would be the words said by the characters of his novels.

Upon his graduation from pedagogical college the young man worked as a schoolteacher. He started a diary, which later on led him to the career in literature. Some of his first works were published before the WWII. They were “brought up” and inspired by the land of Zangezur and working days of its people...


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