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Dr. Armen Ayvazyan


Born in 1964

Armen M. Ayvazyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1964. In 1992 he received his Candidate of Historical Sciences degree (equivalent to PhD) from the Institute of History of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. His thesis on the Armenian liberation movement of the 1720s was published in a series of six articles in Patma-Banasirakan Handes (Historical-Philological Journal), Yerevan, 1990-1992, nos. 129–134. From 1992 to 1994 he worked as assistant to the President of Armenia, adviser to the Foreign Minister of Armenia, and acting head of the Armenian delegation to the Conference (now Organization) on Security and Cooperation in Europe at Vienna (OSCE). From 1994 to 1997 he was a Senior Researcher in Matenadaran (Yerevan Institute of Ancient Manuscripts) and a visiting lecturer of political science and a fellow of the Center for Policy analysis at the American University of Armenia.


The Armenian Rebellion of the 1720s and the Threat of Genocidal Reprisal
Yerevan, 1997

The History of Armenia as Presented in American Historiography (in Armenian)

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