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Amayak Abramyants


Born in 1952

Amayak Abramyants (Ter-Abramyants) was born in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. His father, a Ph.D. surgeon, came from a family of hereditary priests. His mother, a teacher, was a member of a Ukrainian peasant family. Hamayak’s parental grandparents and their four children were killed during the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, 1915. Only two members of the family survived — Amayak’s father and aunt.

Amayak completed his high school studies in Podolsk; in 1976, he graduated from the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute, and in 1992— from the Institute of Literature (fiction department).

Amayak Abramyants lives and writes in Russia. He has traveled all over the former USSR. Now he works in Moscow as a physician. His writings have been published in newspapers and other periodicals such as “Bibliotekar” (Librarian) “Otechestvenniye Zapiski” (Homeland Notes), “Raduga” (Rainbow, Estonia), and in “Podolsky Almanakh” (Almanac of Podolsk). He is the author of narrative collections “Vitrazh” and "Tallinn–Moscow Train".


Translated from Russian and adopted by: Wolfkraft
Edited by: Karen Vrtanesyan, Araxy Kherlopian

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